A reputed preschool in Malaysia offering award-winning curriculum combined with ultra-modern Montessori education methodologies for preschoolers. Discover the perfect kindergarten school for your child with our comprehensive guide.

A Futuristic Curriculum At The Best Kindergarten School in Kuala Lumpur

he well-designed Global Montessori Plus Programme alongside five powerful pillars builds the learning capabilities of kindergarteners Students in their foundational years are nurtured in a holistic learning environment combining the best of traditional Montessori teaching methodologies with modern learning requirements. GMP Curriculum has won several awards across the international forum making GIIS the best Montessori school. ‍

Preschool year students at GIIS develop cognitive, expressive, and motor skills, along with a sense of social responsibility, cultural awareness, and environmental consciousness through this curriculum. In their early childhood stage, students are also excellently prepared to face the futuristic digital world. We understand that finding the perfect kindergarten school or kg school in KL, Malaysia, for your little one is a top priority

Admission Open for the Academic Year 2024-25

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Nursery School in Malaysia - A Snapshot

Montessori education in Malaysia starts at the age of four and is a non obligatory education, children typically below 6 years start their preschool education in government preschools, private Kindergärten and in international Kindergarten schools. Kindergarten is a flexible two-year education programme. The best preschools in Malaysia are privately run by Private and international Schools such as GIIS catering to students from all facets of the Malaysian community. For underprivileged students early childhood care and education is taken care of by MOE (Ministry of Education, Malaysia) and public agencies such as the Tabika Perpaduan.

Age Criteria for Admission

Pre School admissions is open all year round at GIIS Kuala Lumpur from the age of 3.5 years for kindergarten. Students are nurtured in a positive environment and trained by proficient teachers with the immaculate GMP curriculum to broaden their learning potential and build excellent skills.

Junior KG/K1

3 years and above as of 31st March

Senior KG/K2

4 years and above as of 31st March

What is the Plus?

GMP is one of the superior and acclaimed early childhood curricula. The exclusive ‘plus’ integrates the original theory with contemporary Maria Montessori methodologies paving the way for futuristic learning. The award-winning curriculum is well-balanced with innovative learning and teaching tools for the holistic growth of the students. This programme gives opportunities and sets the stage for students to become evergreen learners through their academic journey.

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Why Prefer GMP?

Global Montessori Plus is one of the leading Montessori curriculum that provides the fundamentals of formal learning along with new-age learning tools. The lessons and topics introduced in this programme outstandingly complements the Montessori method providing holistic development of students.

Seamless Transition

Our students are exceptionally fostered and guided under the aegis of our expert faculty making us the pioneer international kindergarten in Malaysia. Teachers focus on making students comfortable with the concepts and language that will help them to build a love for continuous learning and develop their skills towards physical, academic, and emotional growth. This sets a powerful learning environment which helps in the seamless transition of our students to primary years.

Our Teachers

Our kindergarten facilitators display high professionalism with their teaching expertise. They are excellently trained in Montessori Education and well equipped with the latest technologies to provide high standards of learning experience to the students. Through workshops and well-structured courses, they keep themselves updated and constantly improvise based on the current developments.


Our students at a young age are given a glimpse of 21st-century learning by combining industry leading teaching and learning approaches from across the globe into our framework. Through our 9GEMS pedagogy students gain holistic growth in the nine areas of excellence like sports, academics, arts, skills, and values. This approach is deeply embedded in the curricula giving opportunities for students to chisel their personality, skills whilst preparing them for the future vocational and career progression.

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA)

We are a top international Montessori school empowering our students with social skills, critical thinking, and teamwork capabilities. With a plethora of extraordinary ECAs, we encourage student participation to identify and boost their potential beyond academics.

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

In their early childhood, we help students to identify their inherent talents and polish them. Our range of exceptional CCAs ignites the passion of the students and groom them to identify their interests. Mandatory participation in talent shows, competitions, performances, clubs, etc. develops the excellent personality and character traits of students to become confident future citizens.

Safety And Security

Students being at the helm of our priorities, we ensure that they along with the school faculty are given the best of safety and security measures. Our school premises are end-to-end secured with the best of latest technologies and traditional security measures like guards,digital ID cards, etc.

Subjects Offered at Nursery Preschool Malaysia

The subjects we offer to our preschool students pave the way for academic success and enhance their skills and knowledge. We facilitate the best learning approach using the latest tools and technologies that create an interesting and encouraging environment for the student.

Preschool (Kindergarten) School Admission in KL

Navigating the preschool admission process and kg admission can be a pivotal moment for parents seeking the best start for their child's education. It's a journey that involves researching various schools, understanding admission requirements, and making a thoughtful choice. GIIS admission process, providing valuable insights into the steps involved in securing a spot for your little one in a preschool or kindergarten program. From application deadlines to necessary documentation, we'll help you navigate every aspect of kindergarten admission, ensuring you're well-prepared to embark on this exciting educational journey with confidence. Click here for more details.

Preschool (Kindergarten) School Fees Structure in KL, Malaysia

When it comes to choosing the right school for your child's early years in Malaysia, GIIS Malaysia stands out as one of the best schools in the country. Renowned for its quality education and holistic approach, GIIS offers a range of programs tailored to meet your child's specific needs. As you explore kindergarten fees in Malaysia, preschool fees, and nursery school fees, you'll find that GIIS School offers competitive rates while maintaining high standards of education. Their commitment to nurturing young minds in a nurturing and stimulating environment ensures that your child receives a well-rounded education that prepares them for future success. Choose GIIS School for a strong educational foundation, and rest assured that you're making an investment in your child's bright future.

Application Fees
Payment Frequency

One Time, Non Refundable

Enrolment Fees
Payment Frequency

One Time, Non Refundable

Security Deposit
Payment Frequency

One Time, Refundable

Tuition Fees
Payment Frequency

Per Term
(4 Months)

Term Activity Fees
Payment Frequency

Per Term
(4 Months)

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
In addition to the terms specified in the Students Contract,; and School Policies, the following Terms and Conditions shall also govern the admission of a child in GIIS (the “School”). The Parents/Guardians agree to comply and shall ensure that their ward(s) also comply with these Terms and Conditions at all times.

Rights Reserved
All Terms and Conditions and the School Fees mentioned on the School website and/or in the School diary are valid for the relevant academic year only. The School reserves the right to amend any of these Fees or Terms and Conditions at its discretion. Granting of admission is at the discretion of the School.

School Commencement & Vacation Period
The School offers two curriculum : Cambridge and CBSE.

  • The academic year of the School shall commence from 1st September for Cambridge Curriculum and 1st April for CBSE. The School reserves the right to amend the commencement date.
  • Vacation period- For Cambridge curriculum, 9 weeks holiday will be spread over the months of December, April and August. For the CBSE curriculum, 9 weeks long vacation will be spread over the months of June and December. The school observes all Malaysian public holidays and also remains closed on the 15th of August (India’s Independence Day) and 26th January (India’s Republic Day) (please refer to the School Holiday calendar).

Fee Paying and Deadlines

  • All School Fees are to be paid before the under mentioned payment deadline dates. Each Academic year consists of 3 Terms.
    I. Cambridge Academic Year: September to August
    TERM 1 (1st Sep – 31st Dec) Fees to be paid on or before 15th August
    TERM 2 (1st Jan – 30th Apr) Fees to be paid on or before 15th December
    TERM 3 (1st May – 31st Aug) Fees to be paid on or before 15th April
    11. GMP and CBSE Academic Year: April to March
    TERM 1 (1st Apr – 31st Jul) Fees to be paid on or before 15th March
    TERM 2 (1st Aug – 30th Nov) Fees to be paid on or before 15th July
    TERM 3 (1st Dec – 31st Mar) Fees to be paid on or before 15th November
  • Payment options available, and charges thereof, are as follows:
Cheque, Bank Draft
Cash, Debit Card
Payment to be done at School
Credit Card
No Surcharge
Payment gateway through
  • Administration charges of RM200.00 will be imposed for unsuccessful fee transactions or cheques/GIRO that are not honored by the bank for any reasons.
  • Fees are exclusive of books/stationery/uniform/transport/Board examination fees etc.
  • A) Late payment fee will be charged as per Schedule D of the Contract, if the fee is not paid on or before the due date. Surcharges will be applied to all late payments and the school will NOT entertain any reasons for late payment. Late payment may attract other penalties as mentioned in Point 5B below in addition to the above.
    B) In case of late payment of fees the following may apply jointly/severally (along with late payment charges), at the discretion of the school:
    i. Withholding of the student’s results/report card/information regarding student’s progress at GIIS.
    ii. Thirty days past fees submission deadline will attract the suspension of services offered by school to the student /parent, including but not limited to:
    1. Access to myGIIS, the school’s student management system.
    2. Participation in any activity organised/facilitated/sponsored by the school.
    3. Disallow students from attending school.
    4. Disallow transfer certificate from being issued.
    5. Suspend any student insurance claim being entertained by school to the appropriate insurance authority.
    6. Cancellation of student’s visa, if applicable.
    iii. In the event of the outstanding fee not being paid within 60 (calendar) days past fee deadline the student will be declared as ‘non-valid student’ and all services to student /parent may be terminated, in addition to point above.
    C) The school will exercise its discretion in allowing re-continuation of education services to the student in case of ‘non-valid student’ status. GIIS will treat student as a fresh admission in case a re-continuation is permitted by the school authorities, and all fees/charges applicable to a fresh student will be imposed.
    D) The school reserves the right to withhold examination results (Internal or external Board results) and shall prevent the student/ candidate from attending or appearing for any examination conducted by the school in the event of non-payment of any dues to the school.
  • Top-up Fee is the fee differential payable in Enrolment & Security Deposit fee.
    a. Enrolment Fee top-up is applicable when:
    i. Student graduates from KG 2 -> CBSE Class or CIPP Year 1 – For a GIIS student, the Enrolment Fee top-up will be eligible for a 25% subsidy
    ii. Student transfers from CBSE -> Cambridge curriculum – For a GIIS student, the Enrolment Fee top-up will be eligible for a 50% subsidy
    b. Security Deposit top-up is applicable when there is a fee differential between current class and the class progressing to.
    c. No refunds are applicable in case a student moves from a class/curriculum with a higher Enrolment Fee or Security Deposit to a lower one.
  • The School reserves the right to modify the fee-structure/components mentioned in Schedules B and C of the Contract at any time during the academic term, by notifying the parents/ guardians in advance, in writing.


Sibling Benefit
Applies only on the TUITION fee. Sibling subsidy of 25% on the tuition fee ONLY is given automatically. No subsidy is given for any other fees.

Re-Enrolment & Trasfer
Students who re-register with GIIS within 2 years of leaving School will receive a 50% subsidy (25% if re-registering after 2 years of leaving School) on the prevailing Enrolment Fee only. The student will be required to take the Aptitude Assessment and the student shall pay the prevailing fee. Students on inter-GIIS school transfer shall receive a 50% subsidy on Enrolment Fee.

Deposits & Deposit Refund Policy

  • Refundable deposit will be charged per child. Please refer to our fee structure at
  • Deposit refund :When the child leaves the school, the parents are required to give a compulsory 3 month withdrawal notice to the school. During this 3 month notice period, the child should attend the School and would have to pay all the applicable fees in full. If for any reasons (including parents’ transfer) the child is unable to physically attend the School or has to leave earlier, the parent shall pay all applicable fees for the entire 3 month notice period. The School reserves the right to deduct all unpaid fees from the deposit including those for the notice period. The Transfer Certificate will be issued only when the account is settled fully.
  • No refunds are applicable in case the student moves from a class or curriculum with a higher Enrolment fee or Security Deposit fee to a lower one. Notice of withdrawal from Parent/Guardian will be treated as Notice given in the same month provided it is received on or before 15th day of the month. Any Notice of withdrawal received subsequent to 15th day of the month shall be treated as Notice received in the subsequent month.
  • In following cases the notice period of three months will be not imposed:
    a. Transfer notice of job from Employer and not by Employee out of Malaysia. Transfer within Malaysia ( This includes transfers to Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan) will not be considered for waiver. (Letter from Employer is required)
    b. Non-renewal of Employment Pass/termination of Employee. It does not apply for resignation.
    c. On medical grounds (Original medical report is required – applies only for the parents, child and siblings studying GIIS). The School shall have the sole discretion on the acceptance of the medical report/certificate and may require an independent medical opinion or report before allowing the waiver.
    d. Non-renewal/rejection of Student Pass by Malaysian Immigration Department.

School Bus

The School provides bus service through a vendor. The bus fee is exclusive and needs to be paid separately at the School.

  • Bus Fees are charged on a Zone basis. The child may opt for a 1-way or 2-way service.

  • Cancellation of Bus Service
    a. For the Cancellation of the Bus Services a notice period of 1 month is required. Once the Bus Service is cancelled the parent can reapply for the Bus service only after a period of 6 months.
    b. The cancellation request must be submitted in writing to the School Authority only and not to the transport contractor or the Bus driver.

Long Leave Student

  • A student can take long leave from School only upon prior approval from the Principal. All due fees should be paid for the period of long leave.
  • The student needs to pay all applicable School fees for the notice period of three months in case of withdrawal of student on long leave.
  • Any default on payment will be adjusted against the refundable Security Deposit.


The School shall provide emergency outpatient treatment for medical eventualities by a qualified registered nurse.

  • The parent/guardian must declare to the School in writing, at the time of admission, of any/all serious illness, debility – physical or mental, and/or health condition and/or allergy of the child.
  • The parent must also inform the School, in writing, from time to time, as and when the child is diagnosed of any serious illness, debility – physical or mental, and/or health condition and/or allergy.
  • The School shall not be responsible for any medical exigencies that involve special medical intervention in relation to the special or serious illness, debility – physical or mental, and/or health condition and/or allergy of the child.

For International Students (WHERE APPLICABLE)

    ‍GIIS undertakes best efforts to assist the Student if he/she requires a Student Pass from the Malaysian Immigration Department. This includes, without limitation, providing the Student with advice on obtaining such pass, verifying the Student’s enrolment and immigration status, and providing all such assistance as may be necessary to procure the Student Pass on behalf of the Student. Please note that GIIS shall not be held responsible under any circumstances in case a Student Pass is not issued or delayed or contains incorrect details.
    The student pass is not transferable and will expire upon the Student ceasing to be a student of GIIS. GIIS is under obligation to inform the Immigration Department of the student’s withdrawal from, or completion of his/her course of study at GIIS, and the student will deliver to GIIS, before the last date of being in the school, a copy of the Student’s passport, Student Pass and the Student Identity card, so that the school can proceed with the cancellation of the student pass with the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Adherence to School Policies
All students whether in school or outside the school, have to adhere to all the school rules and regulations at all times, and failure to do so may result in school taking appropriate action including the termination of the student’s admission, cancellation of the Student Contract or any action as per the Disciplinary Policy.

Contact Details
All parents/ guardians of the students must provide their particulars to the School for contact purposes.
The guardian should be a Malaysian Citizen / Malaysian Permanent Resident above eighteen (18) years old or the parent of the international student if the parent is working / staying in Malaysia. The parents/ guardians of the students are required to report any change in guardianship to the school immediately.
All the parents/ guardians are required to keep their information/ details updated on their respective myGIIS (Student Learning Management System) accounts at all times.

Cancellation of Admission
The students admission may be deemed cancelled or terminated without notice by GIIS, if:

  • If the Student Contract has not been signed by the parent on behalf of the student. In this case the Student Contract shall be deemed to not have come into existence and shall not have any binding contractual relationship between GIIS and the parent/ guardian/student.
  • The student or their parent/guardian commits breach of clauses mentioned herein.
  • Commits breach of Code of Conduct as per School’s guidelines posted on the School’s intranet – myGIIS or school diary. The school reserves the right to amend the code of conduct guidelines from time to time as may be deemed appropriate and the parents/ guardians are requested to regularly visit myGIIS to keep themselves updated with all such changes.
  • The student and/or his/her parent/guardian are convicted of an offence involving honour, honesty or public morals and order.
  • The student and/or his/her parent/guardian discourages the public in seeking admissions or encouraging them in withdrawing admissions from the School.
  • The student and/or his/her parent/guardian defames the school or its staff in public or carries out unlawful activity against the school or its staff or discloses incorrect information about the School so as to bring ill-repute to the school or its teachers or its present Employees or the institution as a whole.
  • The student or parent/guardian is discovered to have misled or cheated the school by way of submitting false or fake documents/certificates or made incorrect statements to the school.
  • Student has absented himself/herself from the school without prior permission or intimation for more than 15 days.

Confidential Information

  • It is agreed and accepted that the student and their parents/guardian shall maintain absolute confidentiality and secrecy towards school’s confidential and/or secret and/or proprietary information or documents including any information in an electronic format. Unless the school has specifically authorized in writing of any document which could be made public or share, all other information/documents would be deemed confidential/secret/proprietary and any sharing of such information/documents to public or unauthorized persons shall construe as breach of admissions terms and conditions.
  • Confidential Information/documents whether published or printed or communicated verbally including minutes of meeting, circulars, homework, assignments, exam papers, teaching aids on myGIIS and/or other materials / documents made available on myGIIS are strictly confidential in nature. Unauthorized publication or circulation of such information with any unauthorized person would construe as breach of school’s terms and conditions.
  • Student acknowledges that the intellectual property rights for any project, worksheet, information, writing, publication, printed books, industry papers, guides or any documents provided by the school to the student, in the course of enrolment at GIIS shall remain intellectual property of GIIS and shall belong exclusively and solely to GIIS in its entirety, and may be used by GIIS for any commercial or non-commercial purposes without any payment to the student, regardless of whether he/she continues to be enrolled in GIIS or not. Similarly, parents agree to GIIS using students’ work, photographs and videos of the student, and other materials for purposes such as publicizing and promoting GIIS and its students’ accomplishments.
  • The students or parents or guardians of students are strictly prohibited from disclosing to unauthorized users, the contents of school’s intranet which include parents and students contact information, telephone numbers and email addresses. If the student or parents discloses to any other unauthorized person or person not related to or employed by the school or to any third party which may use the information for their commercial or personal benefit, the school reserves the right to take legal action against the students or their parents/ guardians who was found to be responsible for passing on such information or with whose help such information was acquired by the third party. The school also reserves the right to take legal action against such third parties for illegally using or acquiring the school’s confidential information.
  • Provided always that should the School on its own volition disclose such information and make it available to the general public, the student or parent/ guardian shall no longer be restricted but only as regards those ‘public domain’ information disclosed by the School. Any information disclosed by the School to students of the School or other employees shall not be regarded as information in the area of “public domain”.
  • Upon withdrawal of the student for any reason whatsoever, the student is to return, without demand, all documents and electronic data (whether in printed or machine-readable form) to the School.

Parent Testimonials

Measures taken against the spread of
COVID-19 at GIIS Campus

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Temperature check through contactless thermometer
100+ hand sanitizers placed at every required touch point

Interested in other School Levels?

Primary School

A quick glance at our primary school programme and facilities

Secondary School

Focuses on the all round development of 11 to 14 year-olds

High School

We provide children with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a 21st-century society

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Frequently Asked Questions

Preschool education in Malaysia is provided to students from the age of 4. Preschool education focuses on developing cognitive, emotional, physical, and social skills during their developmental years. Preschool education is not compulsory in Malaysia and is offered by private, International and government schools.

● Nursery-2.5 years and above as of 31st March
● KG1/Junior KG- 3 years and above as of 31st March
● Senior KG/KG2- 4 years and above as of 31st March.

The curriculum offered to preschool students is Global Montessori Plus which is infused with five powerful pillars like the Excelerate Program, Multi-faceted learning, iPlay Program, iCare program, and Future-ready program. This excellent curriculum enables students to develop their skills, talent, and potential to the fullest.

With the go green initiative, students learn about environmental awareness and their responsibility in solving environmental problems. We encourage students with the go-green initiatives like planting trees, sowing seeds, celebrating birthdays and festivals in an eco-friendly way, and creating the best out of waste.

The subjects offered in kindergarten enhance the cognitive, expressive, and motor skills of the students and teach them the key components of the holistic teaching approach. The subjects offered for kindergarten students are:

● English
● STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics)
● Hindi
● EVA (Environmental Awareness)
● Montessori
● Dance and Music
● Mathematics
● Structured and Free Play.

During the school visit, parents can meet the academic counselor who will guide them on the curricula that best suit the child. To meet them, parents can visit the website to schedule a prior appointment.

GIIS offers the best curricula that will be beneficial for national and international students. Curricula offered at the Global Indian International School Kuala Lumpur are:

● Global Montessori Plus Programme for Nursery and Kindergarten
● Key Stage 1 & 2 or Cambridge Primary Programme (CPP) for age groups 5-10 years
● Key Stage 3 or Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) for students in grades 6 and 7
● Key Stage 4 or International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) for 14-16-year-old students
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for Grade 1 to Grade 12 students.

Scholarships at GIIS are offered from grade 1 to 12 and the various scholarships offered are:

● Global Citizen Scholarship
● Global Future Ready Merit Scholarship
● 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship
● Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Global Skills Scholarship
● Tunku Abdul Rehman Universal Values Merit cum Means Scholarship.

Students graduating every year from Global Indian International School get accepted in prestigious universities and schools across the globe to pursue higher studies. Placement programmes like the university connect attracts the best universities around the globe at the GIIS campus every year helping students and parents to identify the best programme. Career counseling is offered to guide and support the students in choosing the right path of higher education.

Various events and activities are conducted to showcase the immense talent of students. These events include Sports day, Annual Day, Story-telling sessions, Class projects, Drama lessons, Grandparents day, Talks and experience sharing sessions, contests, and more.

GIIS follows a well-structured admission process wherein, first you can fill the enquiry form to connect with our team. Then a campus visit can be arranged to fulfill the admission procedures. During the visit, parents can meet the admission counselors. Then the application form needs to be submitted along with the required documents. A counseling session is held after which an assessment is conducted. Finally, the first term fees need to be paid.

GIIS conducts exclusive campus visits for parents and students. A prior registration needs to be done before the visit. Parents can avail an in-person or virtual visit to the school.

The important documentation required at the time of admission includes student birth certificate, valid residential address proof, passport size photographs of students, and certified medical certificate.

Yes, the online application form can be downloaded and filled from the GIIS website.

During the campus visit at the time of the admission process, an assessment will be conducted for the student to assess their knowledge of the subjects.

The school fees depend upon the curricula opted by the students. The kindergarten school fees are applicable only for the prevailing academic year. To know more visit here.

One time fees to be paid are:

● Application fee (non-refundable)
● Enrolment fee (non-refundable)
● Security Deposit (Refundable)
● The annual non-refundable charges are MYGIIS and Insurance charges that are applicable for all grades. And for more details you can check out the fees section over the website.

GIIS offers two curricula that are CBSE and Cambridge.

For the Cambridge students, the school commences on 1st September and for CBSE students the school commences on the 1st of April every year.

Students who re-register with GIIS within 2 years of leaving the school will get a 50% discount and students who re-register after 2 years of leaving will receive a 25% subsidy on the current enrolment fee.

Students can get approval for long leave only on the prior approval of the Principal provided all the dues need to be paid for the period of long leave. Students also have to pay all applicable school fees for the notice period of three months in case of withdrawal of students on long leave. Any default of payment will be adjusted against the refundable Security Deposit.

Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our vision is to become a global role model for teaching and learning.

History & Milestones

Since its inception in 2002, GIIS has continued to spread quality education over 10 countries in the continent.

Global Montessori (GMP)

We offer the best practices of modern pre-school education.

Key Stage 1 & 2 (CPP)

World top curricula for 5-7 yr and 8-10 yr olds - Cambridge Key Stage 1 & 2

Key Stage 3 (CLSP)

Our Cambridge Lower Secondary Programme (CLSP) for Grades 6 and 7

Key Stage 4 (IGCSE)

World’s most popular international curriculum for 14 to 16 year olds.


Our CBSE Curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12 is a comprehensive curriculum that makes our students world citizens of promise.


We offer the best practices of modern pre-school education.

Primary School

A quick glance at our primary school programme and facilities

Secondary School

Focuses on the all round development of 11 to 14 year-olds.

High School

We provide children with the skills and knowledge to thrive in a 21st-century society.

Holistic Education Framework

Award-winning framework for all-round student development

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities are those activities, often sports-based, that take place outside of the GIIS classroom

Co Curricular Activities

Talent shows, performances, competitions, clubs and additional classroom work.


Our Campuses are structures designed to be resource efficient and provide wellness and positive experiences to all stakeholders.

Admission Process

Get an overview of the admissions process

Book Campus Tour

Register for a tour of the campus to learn more about the school first hand

Book A Meeting

You can talk to our Admissions Counsellor online or in-person, as per your convenience.

Admission Form

Find all forms related to admissions procedure here


Get information on our fee structure for different grades


The Global Indian International School admission process is transparent, easy, and interactive.