7S Assessments

A proactive approach to evaluate current progress and predict future learning outcomes with an overall objective to identify key strengths and areas of improvement for every learner

What Is 7S?

7S is an analytic performance model that offers a superior subject assessment.

Our Proprietary Methodology

One of the reasons GIIS is considered the best international school is that we rely on the 7S Analysis to measure progress and predict outcomes for our students. By collecting student data at seven key points during the learning journey, we can provide accurate and equitable assessments in schools.


This score calculates an average of student scores across all subject areas, painting a broad picture of the school's overall performance.


This score identifies performance in individual subject areas, allowing teachers and administrators to identify performance trends by subject.


This score can track a wide range of individual factors to predict and improve student performance over time. Segments include student age, single subject area, teacher, individual segment and more.


This score analyses performance by classroom, allowing administrators to provide additional support when necessary.


This is an individual score calculated for each student, ultimately allowing them to identify strengths and weaknesses while receiving the personalised support they need.

Subject Teacher

This score evaluates teacher performance in individual subjects and is critical for administrators who want to ensure that they effectively pair teachers with strong subject areas.


This is a compilation of all scores, ultimately providing teachers, students and families with a performance evaluation and actionable steps.


The 7S Analysis offers a proactive approach to subject assessment. Not only will it evaluate the progress thus far, but it can also predict what learning outcomes will be achieved in the future. It’s an excellent way to identify strengths and areas where improvement is required.