Digital Classrooms at GIIS

Offering a smart learning environment at the best international schools across its international campuses.

What Are Digital Classrooms?

Digital classrooms are immersive learning environments where students have access to state-of-the-art technology. Digital technology in classrooms is designed to complement the curriculum rather than replace traditional teaching methods, allowing students to engage in hands-on learning and develop the 21st-century competencies required in today’s modern world.

Digital Assets

Smart TVs

Every classroom features two 65" Wi-Fi-enabled Smart TVs, which allow students to airdrop assignments, stream videos, display their work and connect with other devices.

Audio-Visual Tools

Enhanced audio-visual tools and technology ensure that students can access assignments, instructions and learning materials.

Personal Devices

To allow for seamless digital learning, students are given MacBooks to complete their coursework, while teachers use iPads to control all the smart devices in the classroom.

Collar Mics for Teachers

Teachers wear collar mics to ensure that students can hear with clarity and allow them to move about the classroom freely, ultimately improving the learning experience for all students.


Projectors are installed in all classrooms, allowing students to collaborate, create presentations and share them with the class.

SMART Boards

The TVs in the classroom also serve as touchscreen SMART Boards and can be used alongside traditional whiteboards to enhance the educational experience.