Paving the Path for Holistic Learning through A Ground-Breaking Approach that Helps Students Reach their Potential

GIIS SMART campus, one of the best international schools in Singapore, is the first school to apply the Sports Performance Enhancing Data Analytics System (SPEDAS) in soccer and basketball, with an objective to shape personalised learning journeys

Implementing SPEDAS: An Approach to Promote Personal Development of Every Student

One of the best international schools in Singapore, GIIS SMART campus uses SPEDAS to positively shape the learning journey of every student while facilitating their well-rounded development. The cutting-edge sports analytics technology is currently being used in basketball and soccer at the SMART campus and it is going to be implemented in other GIIS campuses around the world in the near future.

Understanding the SPEDAS Approach

We, at GIIS, aim to develop and follow an individualised learning plan for every student, and a part of this approach is reinforced through the implementation of SPEDAS that allows us access to real-time data and predictive analytics that serve as the basis for providing tailored coaching to students who have the potential to evolve as star athletes in the future.  


Designed originally to improve the effectiveness of NBA training outcomes, SPEDAS is used in GIIS to complement other analytics models that are deployed to evaluate and improve the academic performance of learners.

Building of 21st Century Skills

SPEDAS is a technology that generates football data analytics, enabling students to improve performances and team coordination.

Advanced Analytics

The technology makes use of advanced sensors, which are placed on the playground, the players and in the football as well, in order to map the movement of each component in the field in real time.

Recordings for Future Reference

The system allows for players’ moves and techniques to be recorded and later be analysed by the coach so that their techniques and performances can be improved.

Real-Time Performance Tracking

This system tracks players accurately, allowing coaches to observe each player moving on the field in relation to other players and the ball.

A Transformative Developmental Tool

We take pride in deploying a ground-breaking developmental tool and leveraging opportunities to positively transform athletic skills and create a future army of successful players.

SPEDAS: Keeping Up with GIIS’s 9GEMS Framework

Excellence in sports remains as one of the key components of our award-winning 9GEMS framework that is designed to help students evolve as successful and responsible global citizens of the 21st century, and the implementation of the SPEDAS technology further strengthens our framework by providing data-driven guidance to students who want to excel in sports