Happiness Index

As we nurture happiness at our schools through various initiatives to make our curricula more engaging, to ensure a fulfilling learning environment and to bring on board the best teachers who feel happy to work with children, we adopt appropriate measures too to gauge the ‘happiness’ that our efforts generate.

About Happiness Index

One of the reasons we are known as the best international school is our commitment to whole-child well-being. We understand that a child’s happiness at school has a direct impact on their social and emotional development as well as their academic results. To ensure that every child feels happy and adjusted, we have created the Happiness Index at GIIS.

How to Measure Happiness

Happiness may seem like a subjective feeling — and in many ways, it is. However, that doesn’t mean that happiness can’t be measured and tracked. At GIIS, we use a variety of tools, techniques and metrics to measure happiness and calculate our Happiness Index.

We measure happiness by:

Providing students and families with a questionnaire to calculate the Happiness Index

Seeking feedback from students about their experience at GIIS

Reaching out to parents for testimonials

Tracking attendance and noting a positive attendance record

Monitoring positive referrals and the number of sibling admissions

Watching academic performance trends

Observing the participation rate in extracurricular activities, knowing that happiness is closely linked to children having an opportunity to explore their passions and meet new friends

How We Nurture Happiness


With bright colours throughout the building and expansive outdoor learning environments, we have created a school environment that cultivates happiness


By combining our rigorous academic curriculum with our award-winning, holistic 9GEMS framework, we provide students with an enriching and valuable learning experience

Faculty Involvement

Through our focused recruitment and retainment efforts, we are able to hire teachers and staff members who are genuinely passionate about working with children and providing them with the nurturing, fulfilling experience they deserve