10 Reasons to Choose Cambridge International Programme

Education these days has majorly evolved to educate and train students to adapt to the demands of the modern workforce that requires one to be both academically sound and technically proficient. For this reason, leading schools worldwide, especially international ones like Global Indian International School in Kuala Lumpur, have their students follow the Cambridge International Programme. This programme is one of the most popular education systems in the world and is accepted by leading institutions of learning around the world. It is of special relevance to students who choose to receive their education with English as the language of instruction. The Cambridge International Programme is easily amongst the best educational programmes in the world today and is growing in popularity by the day.

Let us look at 10 reasons why you should choose the Cambridge International Programme.

1. A Well-defined Trajectory of Academic Growth

The Cambridge International Programme provides a well-defined academic pathway for students aged 5 to 19, setting them up for success in their lives ahead. The Cambridge International Programme helps provide access to a world-class holistic education comprising academics and extracurricular activities, helping students grow and develop.

2. Adaptable Curriculum

The Cambridge International curriculum is very empowering on account of its flexibility. It allows schools to mould their curriculum following what students desire to learn. Students can study a diverse range of subjects in flexible ways. 

3. Diverse Range of Subjects

The range of subjects one can choose from under the Cambridge system is unmatched in its diversity. There are over 70 subjects for IGCSE and over 50 for A levels. Students can choose a combination of subjects that suits them best, giving them a say in deciding their destiny.

4. Wide Exposure

The Cambridge International curriculum exposes students to an international education system popular worldwide. They can pick up the skills necessary for getting ahead in life. It empowers them to excel at school, college, and work, leading to more fulfilling lives.

5. Stage-wise Development

Every stage of the Cambridge International Programme progresses from the previous one in a way that aids the development of the students in a seamless manner. This structured approach to education ensures that the students learn, grow and develop excellently.

6. Global Recognition

The Cambridge International Programme provides qualifications recognised and accepted by the leading colleges and universities worldwide. These are also recognised by employers everywhere, giving students incredible advantages in their life ahead.

7. Excellent Stepping Stone for University Admission

The Cambridge International Programme is recognised as an excellent stepping stone for university admission worldwide. A survey found that 98% of admission officers who were questioned on the subject agreed that the Cambridge International Programme prepares students for university in the best possible manner.

8. Great Support for Teachers

The Cambridge International Programme ensures that every teacher receives the best possible support through training and personal development, online resources and publications that can help them remain up-to-date with the latest developments in pedagogy and education. Therefore, it is not surprising that the teachers at Cambridge schools are some of the best anywhere.

9. Worldwide Acceptance 

The Cambridge education system has a worldwide acceptance of being the curriculum of choice in over 10,000 schools across more than 160 countries. That is testimony to how highly regarded it is everywhere. No wonder Cambridge education-providing schools are considered a cut above the rest.

10. A Century-and-a-half-old Tradition of Conducting Examinations

The Cambridge education system boasts of a 150-year-old history of enabling international examinations. These examinations are unique because one of the foremost universities in the world, a not-for-profit organisation, conducts them. 


The Cambridge International Programme for schools is amongst the most well-regarded and popular programmes worldwide. It is good because it imparts a holistic, world-class education to students and empowers them to receive the best higher education in the world and find the right type of employment. 

It is not, therefore, surprising that some of the best international schools in Malaysia and other parts of the world offer their students access to the Cambridge International Programme. The Cambridge International Programme has helped shape the destiny of many students worldwide for decades. While there are so many other international curricula, this one is easily among the best. It is, in reality, a global benchmark for world-class school education. 

Moreover, the Cambridge International Programme has evolved with the changing times to provide students with the most up-to-date and contemporary education system that prepares them for life in the 21st century. Going forward, one can expect the Cambridge International Programme to continue to be one of the foremost international curricula in the world and grow in stature and importance owing to its ability to keep pace with the times. One can also expect this programme to continue to be adopted by more and more schools around the world.

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