Our award-winning framework allows us to provide holistic education to all our students.

What Is 9GEMS?

GIIS is known as the best international school because of the holistic education that we provide. We support all-around development through the well-curated, award-winning 9GEMS framework, that has been carefully crafted to promote academic excellence, support participation in extracurricular activities and instil universal values in our students.

9GEMS Framework

Academic Excellence

Our framework supports academic excellence by blending our unique teaching methodologies with a rigorous curriculum. To this end, we have digital classrooms.

Sports Excellence

Sports not only provide students with an opportunity to stay active and connect with their peers but also shape their character. With sports such as cricket, soccer, basketball, rock climbing and yoga available, there is something for everyone at GIIS.

Skills Development

Learning extends beyond the classroom environment, which is why we prioritise a hands-on, skills-based approach to education. Radio stations, speech and drama studios and TV studios are just a few skills-based spaces where students can explore their interests while enhancing their educational portfolios.

Visual and Performing Arts

Our art studios and performance spaces allow students to get creative, showcase their art and learn to appreciate the art that others bring to life.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership

We want all our students to leave GIIS feeling confident, curious and inspired, which is why entrepreneurship and leadership is one of the sparkling gems in our framework. Through skills-based workshops, such as our Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, students practice their leadership skills under the guidance of an expert.

Innovation and Creativity

We nurture a spirit of innovation and creativity in all our students by helping them discover their interests and explore their passions. At events such as the GIIS Real World Challenge Convention, students collaborate to solve real-world problems and showcase their critical thinking skills.

Personality Development

To cultivate students who are self-aware, responsible and empathetic, we make personality development a central component of our curriculum. Through activities such as meditation and sports, we develop the personalities of our young learners.

Community and Care

We strive to show our students that we must care about the community at large, which is why we plan community events, charity drives and more. Through our Happiness Index, we measure our students' experiences and analyse the impact of our community events on their all-round development.

Universal Values

Our values-driven approach to education ensures that all learners understand the importance of being kind, respectful and socially responsible. Our Universal Values Programme is based on Gandhian values and has been implemented at more than 20 of our campuses worldwide.