With an objective to nurture students’ wellbeing in an environment of positivity, we have developed the GIIS Healthline that connects students and parents with the school counselor who can provide assistance on diverse issues related to academic performance improvement, family and social aspects, anxiety and so on.

What Is GIIS Healthline?

Recognising that student health plays a critical role in the overall learning experience, we have created an innovative platform that provides students with a direct, confidential connection to the school counsellor and promotes improved mental health in schools.

How Does It Work?

Healthline is a confidential channel that is available to both students and parents. Anyone who wants to reach the school counsellor can do so without fear of judgment or repercussion through the dedicated Healthline WhatsApp number.

Students and families can use Healthline to talk about:

  • Family issues
  • Social problems in school
  • Concerns with social media
  • Anxiety
  • Academic performance pressures

The school counsellor responds to Healthline requests and plays an essential role in supporting emotional and physical well-being in schools. Our counsellors work closely with students, parents and teachers and assist students in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Counselling students
  • Assisting parents as they make decisions regarding their child’s education
  • Assessing student learning and behaviour
  • Working with teachers and staff members to identify obstacles to student learning
  • Serving as a liaison between the student and other valuable community resources to ensure that their needs are met

Our Healthline Series

As part of our commitment to remaining the best international school, we have created content to promote Healthline and ensure students know how to access it.

Our Healthline series includes:

Podcasts! from our school counsellor

Healthline webinars