Skills-based Labs for Learning

Our Skills Studios are the spaces where our students enjoy productive and exciting times learning what interests them the most beyond their academic pursuits. Our dedicated and well-equipped studios serve as the perfect spots for our students to hone their skills in areas such as graphic design, painting, photography, dance and music, speech and performance, sustainability, culinary art, scientific innovations and entrepreneurship.

What Is the Skills Programme at GIIS?

The Skills Programme at GIIS is designed to complement our rigorous academic curriculum and is one of the reasons we are considered the best international school. Our skill studios allow students to enjoy hands-on learning while exploring their interests and passions.

Smart Learning

Smart learning is made possible through state-of-the-art skills-based labs

Radio Studio

This studio has soundproof walls, professional equipment and advanced recording software. Students work with a Radio Production Trainer to create documentaries, conduct interviews and record a broadcast.

TV Studio

Boasting 4K cameras, live production equipment and light control panels, this studio helps students create content for digital platforms, such as YouTube or Facebook Live. Students work with a TV Production Specialist to hone their skills.

Culinary Studio

The studio offers access to advanced cooking equipment, enabling students to discover that cooking involves science and art. This skill-based lab also allows students to sample flavours from other cultures and learn about cooking traditions from around the world.

Visual & Art Studio

Allowing students to build their portfolio, this studio provides tools and resources for those interested in drawing, illustrating, graphic design, photography and painting.

Design and Maker Space

Creating an innovative space where students can bring their ideas to life, this studio is filled with equipment such as circuit boards, die cutters and more. It's a place for inventors and aspiring entrepreneurs to explore their ideas.

Innovation and Creativity

This studio allows students to master communication techniques and work with trained staff members to improve their speech and performance abilities.

Music Studio

Accessible to both primary and secondary students, the music studio is equipped with advanced sound technology to improve performance without disrupting nearby classrooms.

Dance Studio

Both the primary and secondary school dance studios feature sprung floors, enabling students to explore dance safely and its many forms while improving their performance abilities.

Environment Studio

Focusing on sustainable living, the environment studio allows students to practice urban farming, recycling and composting while also dreaming up new ideas for a greener future.