GIIS Connect

Our ‘Connect’ programmes are perfectly tailored to set up deeper connections with students, parents, alumni, the corporate community and the society at large. This is an integral part of our endeavor to make a difference in the lives of others by contributing to their wellbeing in a holistic manner.

Our Connect Programmes

One of the reasons we are known as the best international school is that we actively work to connect our community in meaningful ways. We are proud to offer some of the best programmes for expat parents, students and community members.

Alumni Connect

This programme keeps the alumni informed, allowing GIIS graduates to maintain a lasting relationship with our school

University Connect

This programme aims to help graduating students prepare for university admissions and make the best possible decisions moving forward

Agent Connect

This programme allows students to develop innovative solutions to real-world challenges

Community Connect

This programme keeps our campus connected to the community at large, highlighting the valuable role that our international school plays in the local culture

Corporate Connect

This programme develops and maintains corporate partnerships that benefit our students and families