17 GIIS Campuses in 5 Countries Across the World

GIIS is one of the best international schools in the Middle East and the Asia Pacific regions, offering world-class education and globally-recognised curricula that promote well-rounded development of students.

Internationally-Acclaimed Curricula at GIIS Campuses

GIIS campuses are located in 5 countries namely, Japan, India, Singapore, Malaysia and the UAE. Based on the learning preferences of students in every region that GIIS serves, its campuses offer diverse curricula including CBSE, Montessori, Cambridge KS 1 & 2, Cambridge KS3, Cambridge KS4, Cambridge IGCSE, CLSP, IB DP and IB PYP.

Curricula Offered at GIIS Campuses Around the Globe

We, at GIIS, believe in serving the unique learning needs of every student through personalised learning approaches, and a bigger part of this initiative involves allowing parents and students to have options when it comes to choosing curricula. GIIS campuses located in different geographies offer different curricula based on the specific demands in specific regions.

Campus and Curricula Snapshot

GIIS Bannerghatta

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Hadapsar

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Whitefield

CBSE, Montessori, Cambridge IGCSE

GIIS Balewadi

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Ahmedabad

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Noida

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Nagpur

CBSE, Montessori

ARCA GIIS Hyderabad


HIgashi Kasai, Tokyo


Nishi Kasai, Tokyo


Seisincho, Tokyo


Kita Kasai, Tokyo

CBSE, IB PYP, Montessori

SMART Campus, Singapore

CBSE, CLSP, IBDP, IB PYP, Montessori, Cambridge IGCSE

East Coast Campus, Singapore

Cambridge IGCSE, CBSE, CLSP, IBDP, IB PYP, Montessori 

GIIS Dubai

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Abu Dhabi

CBSE, Montessori

GIIS Kuala Lumpur

CBSE, Montessori, Cambridge KS 1 & 2, Cambridge KS3. Cambridge KS4

Curricula Summary

One of the top international schools in the world, GIIS offers the following globally-recognised curricula at its 17 global campuses:


This is a standardised curriculum that features structured syllabi for both primary and secondary programmes.


This is a renowned child-centered curriculum that enables learning by triggering curiosities in children and helping them become independent.

Cambridge KS 1 & 2

The Cambridge KS 1 curriculum includes Math, science, English, art and music. The KS2 curriculum focuses on further strengthening the skills gained at Stage 1.

Cambridge KS3

The KS 3 Cambridge curriculum promotes growth mindset in students while strengthening their collaboration skills as well.

Cambridge KS4

This curriculum is designed to build the competency that students need to excel in higher education once they cross 16 years

Cambridge IGCSE

This curriculum is meant to serve the learning needs of 14-16 year olds. Students can select their preferred subjects from a number of options.


Middle-year students following this curriculum study English, Math and science, and learn about the world as a whole.


IB DP, meant for 16-19 year olds, offers six subject groups with core components being theory of knowledge, creativity, activity and service, and the extended essay.


This inquiry-based learning framework is suited to the needs of 3-12 year olds and is designed to guide students on steering their learning journey on their own.