What are the Factors Affecting School Fees for International Schools in Kuala Lumpur?


If you are considering to admit your child into an international school, one of the first questions that will pop up in your mind is how much is it going to cost. Tuition fees are the highest cost involved in enrolling your child in an international school. There are also other additional costs.

If you think that international schools are expensive, it is subjective. But, taking admission in an international school is definitely costlier than a local school.

Factors that Affect the Fees of Schools in KL

Top Notch Facilities

International KL schools have impressive campuses equipped with the best sports and extra-curricular facilities and modern classrooms. They have the space and equipment for all the activities and programs because they believe in a wholesome development of children. These facilities make the schools unique and some part of the cost of these facilities is included in the school fees.

Security of Schools

In most of the countries, the security of students is a heightened concern. So, in KL schools, security and safety measures are robust and all required steps are taken to ensure that. Ensuring safety of every child at school is their top priority. Maintaining such a safe and secure environment is one of the factors that affects the fee structure of the schools.

Teacher to Student Ratio

Instead of putting lots of students into one class, good KL schools set a limit of around 25 students, which makes it easier for the teacher to cultivate a good relationship with each pupil.

The teacher is able to teach the concepts properly and he/she can attend to each and every student if they have doubts and solve them properly. Keeping classes small means the fees must be shared among fewer parents, which is one reason why school fees are high.

Diversity in KL Schools

As the teachers and students come from all parts of the world, students get to interact with different cultures and understand the nuances and they embrace a global focus. It builds a strong foundation of cultural understanding.

Therefore, it helps them to gain confidence, knowledge and insight to deal with all kinds of people in the future. It is eye-opening for children as they get to know about the world beyond their native city.

A broad-worldview is incorporated in the teaching process which engages the students with multiple world practices. The students get more exposure and become more aware of things. Interestingly, even the festivals celebrated are from all over the world and not just limited to that country’s calendar.

Individualized Attention in Class

As the teacher-student ratio is less, the teachers are able to give personal attention to each and every student. This helps in understanding the concepts of each subject by children according to their respective learning capacity.

It is made sure that the students become confident and get their basics strong, as well as learn beyond their textbooks and think outside the box since they get more quality time to interact with their teachers.

Generally speaking, government schools have around 50 students per class, which is way too many for any teacher to handle, so when taking admission in a good school, you are assured of small classes.

Wide Range of Extra-Curricular Activities

One of the primary ways through which international schools focus on nurturing and developing a child’s imagination and creativity is by giving focus on extracurricular activities. The students are taught to be creative and their unique talents are recognised and developed from an early age itself.

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to learn how to focus and co-operate with other students. They can learn to solve problems and improve critical thinking skills by participating in new activities. Various competitions and clubs are also initiated in which students can take part according to their field of interest.

A well-rounded development of their personalities is ensured. This not only helps in exploring their different talents but also helps in improving their focus and drive. KL schools also provide for a worldwide-wide platform to students to showcase their talents.

Higher Education Abroad

Studying in KL international school opens doors for students all over the world. In fact, studies have shown that students from international schools face relatively lesser restrictions and limitations while applying for college/university abroad. The qualifying grading system is accepted easily and even expands their opportunities for scholarships and applications.

Students who have had an international education have an open mind and look at things from multiple perspectives which is a very significant quality needed to study at universities abroad. And, studying abroad requires connecting with people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

Students in an international school learn that from an early age and are used to it. Children create lifelong memories from the opportunities and experiences that take place in international schools.

It inspires them to choose career paths that they hadn’t even previously thought of. If you feel that the school fees are too high for you, you can consider the following options.

Taking Time to Research

Choosing a school can be quite a confusing task. There are multiple international schools in Kuala Lumpur. So, it is worthwhile to do proper research. It is crucial to first find out what each school offers and what it costs to make an informed decision.

Negotiating with your Employer

In case you are moving your family to a new country due to work, find out if your employer will contribute to the cost of your child’s education there. Some companies or employers partially or fully subsidize school education for the children of expatriate employees.

Look for Sibling Discounts

Some of the international schools provide for sibling or family discounts for families that enrol more than one child. The size of the discount and when it kicks in can differ but any money you can save will likely be most welcome.

Seek out State-funded Schools

Some international schools are subsidized by the government. You can look out for such schools.


Understanding the structure of school fees will help you make an informed decision when deciding the best school for your children. However, fees are only one of many factors to consider. There are other factors too like the child’s personality, his/her learning needs and interests, curriculum provided by the school.

It is crucial that you gain a degree of understanding regarding what a given school’s curriculum encompasses and how it is suited to the needs of your children. Creating a list of all your priorities really helps if you get confused on which school to choose.

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